Ballistic and Armor Services

Body Armor

Always on Guard.

Ballistic-resistant body armor protects against bullet penetrations and the blunt trauma associated with bullet impacts. These vests include soft body armor that protects against handgun bullets, and less flexible tactical armor composed of soft and hard components that protect against rifle bullets. Afghan World Technologies offers the most durable and the most resistant bullet resistant body armors to its valuable clients.

Hard Armor Plates

We keep you safe!

Hard armor plates are usually used in conjunction with bulletproof vests, and can be divided into two types, front plates, which protect the chest and back of human bodies and side plates, which protect the side of human bodies. AWT have different type of armor plates, from low level to high level so you can have whatever you need.

Ballistic Helmet

Be safe.

Ballistic helmets, also known as bulletproof helmets or tactical helmets, are designed to protect the wearer's head from bullets, blunt impact, shrapnel, and other threats. Afghan World Technologies is providing the best services in ballistic protection, and Ballistic helmet is one of them.

Tactical Gear

Secure your Safety.

Tactical gear is designed and used specifically for safety and protection. It includes everything from boots, vests and other items of clothing to high tech equipment such as night vision goggles or sophisticated communication devices. Afghan World Technologies is providing the best tactical gear for the military use.