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Afghan World Technologies is the official dealer of the Astrophysics Inc. The Astrophysics team is comprised of experienced professionals that are experts in the x-ray industry, and know its markets, applications, and products firsthand.
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X-Ray Baggage Scanner

The Astrophysics's Hold baggage systems are designed to screen baggage, oversized luggage, and shipping crates.

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Walk-Through Metal Detector

The Astrophysics's walk-through metal detector accurately identifies ferrous and non-ferrous weapons utilizing superior target detection.

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Mobile Security Scanners

The Astrophysics's mobile x-ray scanners are vehicle-mounted systems equipped with large baggage tunnels that can be quickly deployed.

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Checkpoint Scanner

Astrophysics's trusted and reliable checkpoint security machines have been trusted by airports and TSA checkpoints around the world.



It was my dream to do something different set an example of my own whereby people interacting with us would eventually be forced to say "Yes this is what we were looking for", "Yes this is what we want", and "Yes please do it for us"

I worked twenty years to make this dream come true, which I feel is being finally fulfilled now, nut without my team of experts, without my technology partners and foremost without you, the costumers, it would still have been a dream.

I wish to see that day, where people will look back and narrate their tale of working with Afghan World Technologies for the first time, and looking back with satisfaction endorsing, that they did the right thing.