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Personal and Object Protection

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Afghan World Technologies is offering the best solutions in screen scanning technology with the help of our partners we are more than proud to serve our customers the best possible technologies with the rightest solutions. AWT prides itself on being the official partner and distributor of the Astrophysics Inc. The biggest screen scanning technologies company in the world.

  • X-Ray Baggage Scanners
  • Body Scanners
  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors
  • UVIS Scanning Systems

Property Protection and Services

Durability at its best

Bullet-resistant glass is much stronger than regular glass, It can withstand a round of strikes from bullets and other objects, It increases safety, It can be used to replace the windows in homes, businesses, or the cars. Afghan World Technologies has a wide range of bullet-proof/bullet-resistant glass with the expert team for any kind of situation and any kind of use.

  • Bullet Resistant Glass
  • Bullet Resistant Steel Door
  • Ballistic Armor
  • Bulletproof Window

Jamming and Tracking Solutions

Protected for Every Side.

The jamming device works by sending radio frequencies to the same tower. It will overpower the cell phone signal by mimicking your cell phone. Basically, it sends out a signal that is the same frequency as your phone. This signal is powerful enough to outmuscle your phone's signal. Afghan World Technologies is providing different types of Jamming systems based on the application and the area coverage.

  • Bomb Jammers
  • Portable Bomb Detectors
  • RF Jammers
  • Tactical Jammers

Ballistic and Armor Services

For your utmost security

Ballistic protection involves protection of body and eyes against projectiles of various shapes, sizes, and impact velocities. Such protection is generally required for soldiers, policemen and general security personnel. Afghan World Technologies is offering the best and most durable ballistic protection services for the military use.

  • Body Armors
  • Hard Armor Plates
  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Tactical Gears

Commercial Doors Services

Redefining Security Needs!

Turnstile is a form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time. It can also be made so as to enforce one-way human traffic, and in addition, it can restrict passage only to people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or similar. Afghan World Technologies is providing different turnstile gates for the different types of applications.

  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Speed Gates
  • Optical Swing Turnstiles
  • Optical Flap Turnstiles
  • Tripod Turnstiles

Surveillance and Spying Services

Eye of Protection!

Surveillance is used by governments for intelligence gathering, prevention of crime, the protection of a process, person, group or object, or the investigation of crime. Afghan World Technologies is offering the complete surveillance systems for their customers so they can always be secure and in peace of mind.

  • Video Management Systems
  • CCTV Cameras
  • CCTV Softwares
  • Matrix
  • Video Wall Controllers

Security and Protection Services

Safety is not automatic, think about it!

Road Blockers and Tyre Killers are heavy duty and anti-terrorist barriers that are installed at high-sensitive areas where unauthorized vehicle have strict restrictions for access. They can be lowered to clear the ground surface for vehicle movement and raised at an inclination to act as a barrier. AWT offer the best road blocker and tyre killers to ensure the safety of their customers and prevent from the risk of danger.

  • High Security Road Blockers
  • Tyre Killer Barriers
  • Armored and Crash Resistant Gates
  • Arm Barriers

Afghan World Technologies is the best option for your safety, we are not just offering services instead we are a complete all in one direction for all of your security needs.
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Security Equipment for Your Safety

Be aware of any incoming threat!

A fire suppression system is an engineered group of units that are built to extinguish fires through the application of a substance. Most commonly, a fire suppression system has built-in components that detect fires at the beginning stages through heat, smoke, and other warning signals. With the Afghan World Technologies fire suppression systems and Alarm systems you can always be in the peace of mind. All the installation and maintenance will be done by the expert team of the AWT so you can never be in any risk.

  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Panic Alarm Systems
  • Public Address Systems