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Bulletproof Glass

Dare to be unbreakable

Bulletproof glass is similar to ordinary glass at first glance, but they are very different from each other. After the bullet hits the ordinary glass, it will break quickly and shatter, but bulletproof glass prevents the bullet from passing through. Bulletproof glass is composed of several layers of glass and polycarbonate that are mixed by PVB polymer security coatings, then the air between the layers is expelled from them, the thickness of glass and plastic together at high pressure and heat. They stick so that the layers stick together completely.

Laminated security glass

Dare to be unbreakable

Laminated glass is layered using immunization processes such as filming or the use of special resins. These layers maintain the continuity of the glass during failure, which has a higher safety factor than ordinary glass. Laminated glass is elastic. And prevents crushing into large and winning pieces and prevents severe damage and organ failure.

Tempered glass

Dare to be unbreakable

This type of glass is a product of window glass, colored, reflective, printed, or lacquered. Tempered glass can be used where strength, heat resistance, and safety are desired. Tempered glass is generally used in the construction industry due to the low-risk ratio of ordinary glass and high strength. Tempered is a process of heat treatment that is performed on building glass. This process can also be done on stained, reflective, printed, or glazed glass.

Titanium reflective glass

Dare to be unbreakable

Reflective glass is used to make the best use of sunlight and the resulting light in buildings (windows and building facades). To produce this type of glass, alloys and metals are used that change the color and light reflection properties of glass. Reflective glass consists of two walls of clear glass and reflex glass, and the reflex glass reflects light in the direction of the light source and prevents the interior space from being seen.

Spider view

Dare to be unbreakable

Spider facade is a kind of modern glass facade, in which the glass is connected to the structure by point connections. The main use of the spider facade is in commercial and office buildings, and no vertical or horizontal structures can be seen on the glass panel, which is a weakness in the views of Curtin Wall Lamel.

Bullet Resistant Steel Door

Dare to be unbreakable

Blast resistant doors protect people and property from explosions and shrapnel. The most common buildings for these blast doors include government buildings, refineries, and chemical storage, among others.