Security Protection and Services

High Security Road Blocker

Don't let it be a risk!

Road blockers are security systems able to preventing any type of damage. Road blockers are barrier systems that can be produced in the desired dimensions according to the length of the road, designed for safety reasons and. İt doesn't allow the unwanted passage of vehicles. They have very durable structure. Afghan World Technologies is offering various High Security Road Blockers for any type of application.

Tyre Killer Barrier

Stay away from danger!

Tyre Killer is an electro-hydraulically operated heavy-duty spike barrier that rises above the ground level on giving a valid input signal and thus prevents unauthorized intrusions at entry/exit points of high-security premises. When the tyre killer is in a lowered position the vehicles can pass through, thereby providing a good enhanced security blockage system. Afghan World Technologies is providing the best Tyre Killer Barrier solutions to their valued customers.

Armored and Crash Resistant Gates

Be Unbreakable!

A crash gate or beam is a barrier that opens and closes manually or automatically to permit entry and exit at high-security facilities such as airports, correctional facilities and military installations. With AWT you can get benefited from all of the advantages of the Armored and Crash Resistant Gates services with the expert team of AWT.

Arm Barrier

Less Cost, Better Control

A manual arm barrier is a cost-effective option to control vehicle access to your car park or site area. A barrier arm is a low maintenance form of protection. It's easy to instal yet highly robust. The product is ideal for parking control, road access and heavy traffic. Afghan World Technologies is offering it's beloved customers the best Arm Barrier services possible.